Advisory Group

The CCP's Advisory Group represents a diverse group of local civic, business, education, government and neighborhood leaders. The Advisory Group meets quarterly to discuss quality of life issues and various topics of mutual interest in the Clifton Corridor Community.

The CCP Advisory Group includes:

Maria Balais
Executive Director, Leadership DeKalb

David Brandenberger
President, Virginia Highlands Civic Association 

Maria Brown
Emory Point
Director of Marketing, Shopcore Properties

Robert L. Brown, FAIA
Board Member, Georgia Department of Transportation
Architect / Urban Planner

Gary Cornell
Emory Parc Homeowners Association
Director of Development, City of Chamblee

Kit Eisterhold
President, Druid Hills Civic Association

Sally Flocks
President, PEDS

Ron Foust
Druid Hills Resident – Emory Grove
Emory Office of Information Technology

Camille Gaffron
Executive Director, Villa International

Lynn Ganim
President, Medlock Area Neighborhood Association

Mark Goldman
Druid Hills Resident
Burbanck Park

Karen Hernacki
Biltmore Acres Community

Todd Hill
Chair, Emory Village Alliance

Mary Hinkel
President, Mason Mill Civic Association

Larry Hoskins
President, LaVista Park Civic Association

Mark Joyner
Principal, Druid Hills High School

Scott Kemp
Community Transportation Services Lead
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Mary Leight
Briarwood Hills Civic Association
LeightWorks: Workplace Learning

John Maximuk
Director of Design, Environment and Construction
City of Decatur

Stuart Meddin
Emory Village Alliance
Owner, The Meddin Company

Susa Nahmais
President, Harwood Condo Association

Ben Nemo
President, Morningside-Lenox Park Association

Marshall Orson
DeKalb County Board of Education, District 2
Principal, Melbourne Partners, LLC

Martha Pacini
Citizens of Victoria Estates

Ray Pierce
Biltmore Acres Community

Julie Ralston
Druid Hills Resident
Olmsted Linear Parks

Doris Robinson
Druid Hills Resident

Bert Ackerman
President, Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Sally Sears
Druid Hills Resident
South Fork Conservancy

Clyde Shepherd, III
Vice President, Toco Properties

Debbie Skopczynski
President, NPU - F

Jeremy Spiegel
President, Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association

Katerina Taylor
President, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

Kelsey Taylor
Community Manager, Gables Emory Point

Natalie Zellner
Druid Hills Resident
Outreach Director, Emory Brain Health Center

The following Emory administration members work with the CCP:

Charles Andrews
Associate Vice President, Planning, Design & Construction

Chris Augostini
Executive Vice President for Business and Administration

Adele Clements
Executive Director, Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association (CCTMA)

Matthew Early
Vice President, Campus Services

Ciannat Howett
Director of Sustainability Initiatives

Adrian Jackson
Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

Robin Morey
Vice President, Planning and Chief Planning Officer, Business and Administration

David Payne
Associate Vice President, Planning and Engagement, Business and Administration

Kendra Price
Government Affairs Manager, Office of Government & Community Affairs

Lisa Underwood
Associate Vice President, Finance & Business Operations

Betty Willis
Executive Director, Clifton Community Partnership
Senior Associate Vice President for Government and Community Affairs