Pedestrian Enhancements

Safe, pedestrian access is critical to the Clifton Corridor.  Emory and the CCP sponsored the creation of Urban Design Guidelines that support an enhanced walking experience.

DeKalb County supported the pedestrian and bicycle improvements in Emory Village (including the successful implementation of the Village roundabout).  Emory funded sidewalk connections on Clifton Road between Old Briarcliff Road and 1762 Clifton Road, and is funding significant pedestrian and intersection improvements on Clifton Road between North Decatur Road and Haygood Road.  Cousins properties improved a section of Clifton Road in front of Emory Point.  

Emory’s Office of Sustainability provides a walking map of the area and the PATH Foundation and Southfork Conservancy also promote local pedestrian paths and trails.

Ongoing focus on improving pedestrian navigation through the community supports neighborhood activity centers and reduces dependence on single occupancy vehicles.