Emory Village

Emory Village is a privately-owned, historic commercial center on the edge of Emory's campus at Oxford and North Decatur roads.

This commercial area currently includes shops, retail, restaurants and other services all within walking distance to the Druid Hills community and Emory. The Emory Village Alliance) supports the Village and sponsors regular activities. The Village welcomes visitors to take a break to socialize and enjoy the surrounding amenities. Visit the plaza adjacent to the roundabout, with its fountain and sculpture made from old trolley tracks unearthed nearby – it designates a "past moment in transportation " when the neighborhood was served by trolley cars. The plaza and its water feature provides irrigation to the green space and a peaceful, relaxing oasis. It is supported by private donations and DeKalb County.

The CCP and Emory support continued investment in Emory Village so that it can reach its full potential as a scenic, walkable and vibrant activity center.