North Decatur Road

As a gateway to the Clifton Community, Emory would like to improve the north side of North Decatur Road by adding a scenic, landscaped bicycle and pedestrian path. This project is part of the CCP's Urban Design Guidelines project and will provide a safe means for employees and residents to walk or bike to work and nearby destinations.

Key Facts

  • Emory is offering to purchase houses along the north side of North Decatur Road (between Haygood Drive and Clairmont Road) so that a portion of the frontage of these properties can be used for expanded sidewalks, a bike path, and a well-landscaped, more visually pleasant street.
  • The width of the path is yet to be determined, and it will be planned to avoid large trees whenever possible, while still allowing for gentle grade transitions. All removed trees would be accounted for under Emory’s No Net Loss of Tree Canopy policy.
  • This bicycle/pedestrian path could provide connectivity and link to similar paths in the community.
  • Shrubs, garden beds or other low vegetation, and low retaining walls are suggested as the primary means of defining private front yard areas and buffering pedestrians and bikes from road traffic.
  • This path will provide a safe, scenic, landscaped entrance to the community and could support enhanced property values for homes near the path.