Renewable Energy

In 2020, Emory entered into a partnership with Cherry Street Energy to install more than 15,000 solar panels across 16 buildings on its Atlanta campus, which will generate approximately 10 percent of Emory’s peak energy requirements and reduce Emory’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 4,300 metric tons. Through a solar energy procurement agreement (SEPA), Cherry Street Energy will install 5.5 MW of solar generation during a 20-year contract with no financial capital commitment. This project is a major step toward reaching Emory’s 2025 sustainability goals and the city of Atlanta’s plan to transition the city to 100 percent clean energy by 2035. Furthering Emory’s commitment to economic inclusion, Cherry Street Energy’s Shine On workforce development program provides skills training to the workers installing Emory’s panels, offering the experience needed to build careers in solar installation. Read more about this project and learn more about Emory’s renewable energy projects on the Office of Sustainability Initiatives website